About LiquidServe

LiquidServe was founded in 2012, when 3 friends felt a strong desire to create a hosting company which cared more for it's clients than it's shareholders, which was more personal and considered every client as it's family member. A company which was reliable yet affordable to masses, which had bleeding edge technologies. A company which was here to stay !

Why Us

Reliable Service

We believe that a website should always be up and running. That's the reason why we provide an etremely reliable service, with 99.9% uptime backed by a Service Level Aggrement(SLA) which lays down the credit you will get if ever (God forbids) we are unable to meet our 99.9% uptime guarantee.

We Care For You

We consider each of our client as our own family member, and do not bias you on the basis of what plan you have. We help everyone to the top of our levels, we embrace the fact that everyone can't write .htaccess files or create sub-domains.

We're Different

We consider ourselves as humans and we do not have any automated responses, we take out time to write each and every ticket you submit! We hope you too love the personal touch that we add!

Top Notch Support

We have cPanel certified support team members, who are willing to teach you how to do stuff via TeamViewer so that you become independant!v

We're Transparent

We try to be as transparent as possible and we do not hide any server bugs or maintainance schedules which are ussualy done by most of the other hosts!

We are here to STAY!

We are not like many other companies which plan to sell out! We are financially independant, debt-free and got no liabilities! We assure you that we won't leave you, we love you a lot !!! We do not want you to have a step-father who won't care for you!

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